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Love this website......done so well....!!!!!
Born To Be A King video is tight. Good message, story and videography. Keep Hittin. Peace.
The Soul Dragon encourages all dreams to become reality.
H Dub in the house! Hey, I'm stopping through to sign the guestbook & leave my presence on the page. Keep up with the great work!
So proud of you guys! Wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors!
Keep pushing.... Keep moving forward. God is your leader... Continue to be His followers. Love you both. Be Blessed.
Keep doing your thing. Proud of you. Can't wait to work with both of you. Much Love and Be Blessed!!! :) <3
Yall keep grinding...keep doing your thing see yall at the top!
I am in awe of two people who share such a shining example of holding on to your dreams. Peace.
So totally proud of you guys and all that you are accomplishing. Much love
J.D. "Hold On To Your Dreams".....!!!!1 This is a number-1 song. Well done Super JD.
i love your site and music! keep up the good work!
One of my favorites of the year. Stay in rotation. Thanks
awesome. LoveTheVideos.
met you wen you came to ireland.... as kool in person as you are on this dope ass website.... hopefully our paths will cross again bro... keep doin what you are doin.... ur an entertainer and a poet dude... BIG SHOUT OUT FROM EIRE..
Dope shit bra looking forward to working with you don't let these hater stop yo grind.
good music bro!! You know I support you and will always hold you down. peace fam
JD music is great, best of luck with it. Give me a shout if your ever in Ireland again.
I see you.son, it your time.
Yo J.D. I'm loving the music, let me know when you drop the new album!
Yo JD, it's Loz from Manchester. Met your bad ass self in Amsterdam, checking out your tunes man they are DOPE.
Yo, good job homie. I am not in Thailand where am based. Just accepted your friend request and hope we get to collab. ONe!!!
Keep it coming brah... all the best
Good luck big guy..
Coming by to show some support and love!
Nice work Captin
Most of the Rap I heard on your site is better than the mainstream rap/hiphop out now so I Guess sooner or later your time will come. Really super cool production and sick beats added to nice lyrics you got it all man keep the Word Out
Keep you head up, you can make it, Make HISTORY, do it big, God bless J.D
Yo what's good JD we need 2 do another song soon so get @ me when u can btw the website is dope I see you change it a bit since the last time I saw it! Thanks again for helping me with my site pleasesaythemr.com. Peace-Mr. Ahmad Rashad-
I love the song that's playing when you go to your page. This page is one of my faves..
You aready know I think you're dope!! Cant wait to actually watch you perform :)) espeacially STILL THINKING ABOUT YOU!!!! lol
Nice work, loving your musickeep it coming.
Hey, just thought I'd put a last minute shout. Happy Birthday it's fifteen to twelve here. lol' hope you had an awesome daay'. much appreciated :)
Love the new cd dude, keep working hard at it.
Stopping by to show some support...
J.D. is one of the hardest working brothers I know in the game. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all. Miss ya my brother. peace.
Nice JD!! Impressed!
Shout Out to you my bro. Keep up the good work on that music!! Stay #Gwoppin'!! *Visit Mic Hustlin Blog - The Fastest Growing Hip Hop Blog Online http://michustlin.us.tf*
good artist. With a great future, I hope. Create grate hits and keep growing professionally.
hi, this site is awesome.. thanks for sharing this to me.. keep it up. :) its so cool to listen to the music.. :)
Stopping By to Grace The Page :) ~Supermodel Dominique www.discoverdominique.webs.com
S/o to the homie JD keep doing ya thing my man
Great site man
You guys are amazing!
ilu dude your music is awsome. you rock =) _love the single "your name" && plenty more....=)
jdmusic615 hi, Your Name" is definately my faveorate song so far! Nice job! Keep slayin 'em.
VERY NICE!!! I'll be back to look at more
I see you and your crew grinding.Keep pushing because the sky is NOT the limit.Stay focused,#salute.
This guys is the biggest badass i know! his rhymes are sick! I'm sure he's going to make it big someday very soon... keep killin em J.D.
Sliding thru like I said I would~peace & blessings ;-.)
Just stoppin by. Nice site bro. Keep up the work. Don't forget to do the same at my website, www.djcarmineonline.com
Do ya thang Bru www.ricardoaowens.com
It's Jeni checking in!!
feelin it ;) keep it up! wish up da best, hope you go far!
I Love Your Music ! This is Definately Getting You To FAR Places ! Dont Give Up & Keep Making Great Music . (:
What's up J.D. it's your girl Ebony just dropping by to show love! Keep up the good work & best believe we'll have a single for them REAL SOON! No doubt!
Just land on this site and already inspired by what I heard, really love!
Diggin the music! Bobbin my head! I see you! :)
Lovin the site and you've got some really dope music! Stay on your grind and it will really pay off!
YO. I am witcha. Peace.
Keep grinding JD...
Sorry, I meant J.D. I had the baby on my mind!
Hey Jada, just checking out your page and showing my friends at school.
hey J.D. thought I'd show some respect for your work and say a little something, that I like your music and be looking forward to your next tracks! keep it up and moving forward! okay, hope you don't think I'm creepinn'.LOL! well, have an awesome weekend!! love, respect and peace! =]
i tried to donate but it would not let me - I will try again....Love, Peace, & Prosperity
i really love your music. its refreshing and smooth. keep it coming :-)
I like this one! Radio hit!
nice!!! lyrics r on point!
glad to see you takin ya dream into ya own hands. get at me if u ever wanna work wit cha boy! reverbnation.com/jamesmraps
You are on the rise, for sure.......... :o
hot shit fuck wit tha at em fam clique on this music shit if u fuck wit tha music spread..disease peace
You got what it takes bro! Much respect. Yessir!
Just stopping by to wish you success on your endeavors, and encouragement to never give up on your dreams!If you believe it you will achieve it.~ Blessings KAM
Thanks for ur support and good luck!
bruh bruh jd spittin that flame no lie
Whats up Jd, music is dope bro.. keep up the good work.. Im bumpin this all the way downunder from Perth Western Australia.. Peace
Keep livin ur dream. u got potential and talent! ur bro
keep doin yur thing yu gon make it
Proud of you homie, keep doin your thang
Do You & Make Sure God is Happy With What You Are Doing : )
this tkdagreat2000 from twitter a keep atit man i hear u i just gotta know where to start i sing in make music ass well
Keep it up man ur hot on the beat and smooth on the lyrics dude its doin down for u keep it up keep it up keep it up
sounds good mate keep up the good work
that shit hot my dude keep it up
your good man good lyrics
Hot music of course..I direct people to come here if they love feel good swagged up music. I heard u do soundtracks for websites also.... we could def use u at http://circleix.com/ . Check us out I feel ur music bro HOT!
Hey JD just showing LOVE.....your music is nice.....ill b looking forward to hearing from u...& listening to u live.soon.....I hope u succeed in everything you do .....ill support you all the way .....that's what friends r for :)
This is what we need more of in the main stream shit pop off in the streets if you need 2 man get it popp'in. Big up to nashvilan for links on the music
Good shit dude. from ya new twit follower @TheMan_Nouandy
I'm loving the sight. I wish you well in all you do. PS: My fav track I would have to say is "Under Yo Influence"
What's up man! Music is really good! Remember me when you need a girl for your hook! :)
Love the music!! It's poppin! :-)
its the one who sold you the mic
Where did this cat come from???? I fux wit Gwoppin all the way! Stay at it man, I see you puttin on for Nashville.
Hey man, it's Kenneth aka @ktookes. I'm definitely feeling your music bruh! Keep doing what you do best, and love how laid back your personality is!!!!
Yo the music is dope mane!!!
www.bestcashvillerap.com stopping in showing love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I luv ur videos bro keep that up
I may not be "Gwoppin" but I like your style. Keep gettin' it done, big things are happening.
J, You're a very blessed and talented individual. Congratulations on your 1st project! Keep doing your thing and let the "nay" sayers be your stepping stone. So continue to keep God 1st b/c w/o him, NONE of this would be possible! sn: remember me- aka "my chick bad", I'm only a phone call away if you ever need anyting. luv ya, kiddo!
real proud of u big bro, i been lovin yo music since i was real young, u aint neva disappointed me wit it.. keep it goin, and in no time u will blow up no doubt about it
I like it bro. Keep up the great work!
I'm proud of you bro. Stay determined and motivated and the sky is the limit. Much Love...Peace
Keep doing ya thang kid! I'm feeling the album, it's a pretty real compilation. Loving the comedy stuff on there also.
I think it's good what you're doing. You got some real talent. keep it up. I agree with Amber I like "Under Yo Influence" also.
i just wanna stop n give a shoot out to my big bro Jd!- I LOVE YOU BRO! the music is really nice, im feeling it, i can def tell that you are doing big things and that there are bigger things that have yet to come. dont forget where u came from and the people that love you the most! o yea n my fav song is "under yo influence"
I'm Gwoppin too!