Jared Dalton aka J.D.



Born and raised in Nashville, TN Jared Dalton aka J.D. is a 27 year old hip-hop artist, promoter, model, event organizer etc. Graduating from Hume-Fogg Academic High School in 2006, J.D. went on to embark on his journey of becoming a figure in the entertainment industry. First releasing "It Ain't Easy: The Album" with moderate success in the Nashville area, he began to perform at venues such as Jazz & Jokes, The Muse, The Rutledge and a few other popular venues in the area. First becoming a host with the Sound Therapy movement, J.D. began to delve into the modeling world as well as doing shoots for schools such as the International Academy of Design & Technology. All the while working as a supervisor at Vanderbilt Children's hospital J.D. continued to broaden his entertainment and professional horizons simultaneously. In the year of 2011, J.D. collaborated with a hip hop group from Perth, Australia later having a song debut at #3 on Australia's Triple J Hip Hop charts which later led to him traveling there and living there for a year. After traveling and promoting in 9 countries J.D. returned to Nashville and began to delve into throwing concerts and furthering himself in other areas such as acting. Notably, acting in a few plays at The Dark Horse Theatre, modeling for ICON Global, organizing a community basketball tournament at Fisk University and throwing a few concerts at Agenda Nashville as well as other clubs with names such as D’wynter Cold, Cole Jonique, Jo’shua Odine, Kiya Lacey, Damien Horne, Robin Raynelle, Mic-O, Taylor X, Larysa Jaye & T-Ran Gilbert. He now continues his journey of being a positive entity in the entertainment world locally, nationally and globally.


07/22/16 – 07/30/16


“143” by Shawn Whitsell


Acted in a play by Shawn Whitsell telling the stories of black couples at pivotal moments in American history who struggle to maintain love and commitment in the midst of racial injustice and inequality.




T-Ran Gilbert Listening Party


Organized an album listening party at the prestigious Ocean Way studios here in Nashville, TN that included full decor, assistance with catering, video production along with a full service sound team.




J.D.A. x Rhythm x 22 Visionz present T-Ran Gilbert at 404 Bar & Grille


Organized an event for the artist to headline at 404 Bar & Grill in collaboration with Rhythm Nashville which also included organizing rehearsals and hiring a DJ to practice and perform with the artist as well. This included social media promotion via the flyer, a 1 minute promo video from the Mid Week Massacre TV show and a commercial that aired on television in Nashville and surrounding areas.


05/20/16 – 05/22/16


“Hunger In Paradise” by Mary McCallum


Acted in this play at Manna from Heaven in a story about true events during the rise & fall of Black Wall Street.




J.D. Presents Taylor X at Agenda Nashville


Organized "J.D. Presents Taylor X at Agenda Nashville", renting one of Nashville’s premier venues, paying talent, security & efficiently running a successful night of entertainment featuring R&B, pop & dance. Featured acts: Taylor X, Mic-O, Mel Monroe. Hosted by 101.1's DJ Jazzy T & DJ Hollywood City.




Official Co-Host for the Mid Week Massacre TV Show!


The Mid Week Massacre is a show that showcases the talent of artists and entrepreneurs from local and abroad. This show can be viewed on Nashville Channel 19. The show airs every Tuesday @ 1am and 3pm, Wednesday 2:30am and Thursday 12am and 10:30pm. You can find the show on these Channels here in Nashville (Comcast Channel 19, AT&T Uverse Channel 99, Dish Network Channel 9415, ROKU FSTV in Channel Store, Burlington Telecom Channel 122 and Ashland Home Net Channel 96). Also check for MWM 'Uncut' every once and a while.http://icon-global.com/media/artists/




Photo credit on ICON Global’s new audio website.


J.D. had a photoshoot for ICON Global and received a placement on their website.






Performed at the Official Cleveland Cavaliers Watch Party


Hip Hop performance of his hit single “LeBron” in Cleveland, Ohio at Wilbert’s Food & Music official watch party




J.D.’s “Black & Mild” Release Party


Organized and performed at the “Black & Mild” release party, renting one of Nashville’s premier venues, paying talent, security & efficiently running a successful night of entertainment featuring R&B, pop & Hip Hop acts. Featured acts: Damien Horne, Robin Raynelle & Kiya Lacey. Hosted by 92Q's Jene India & Harold Covington from the Mid Week Massacre TV Show. 




“Songs For Our Sons” – Darkhorse Theatre


Acted in a leading role in “Songs for our sons” at the Darkhorse Theatre in Nashville, TN. Organized by the Destiny Theatre Experience. Playing a role of a troubled youth set in a prison where he realizes his cell mate turns out to be his father.




Interview on NECAT Nashville


Artist interview aired on NECAT Nashville as part of the Mid Week Massacre TV Show that airs a few times weekly about Jared Dalton’s music career, travels, etc.




“House of Harts”


Leading role in “House of Harts”, a stage play at the Dark Horse Theatre where Jared played a troubled teenager who was in search of his purpose in life and coming to find out he’s been by  his long lost father.





“Unity in The Community Basketball Tournament”


Effectively organized and performed at the “Unity in the Community” Basketball Tournament at Fisk University. This involved 4 local churches, various non-profits, musicians, a local radio station personality. Fully stocked backpacks were handed out, there were free haircuts for children as well as games with prizes.




“Born To Be A King Photoshoot”


Travelled to Kingston, Jamaica to be a part of the “Born To Be A King” photo shoot. Photos taken by GK Smith Photography.




“J.D.’s “Born To Be A King” Release Party”


Organized and performed at the “Born To Be a King” release party, renting one of Nashville’s premier venues, paying talent, security & efficiently running a successful night of entertainment featuring popular R&B, Reggae & Hip Hop Acts. Featured acts: Cole, Jonique, Dwynter Cold & Jo'shua Odine. Hosted by 92Q's Jene India & DJed by DJ King Supreme.




Radio Interview on 92Q Nashville


J.D.'s first radio interview with Nashville's BIG station 92Q (92.1 FM)!!!! With the dance group Fancy Footworks H.U.H. talking about my upcoming EP "Born To Be A King" & release party April 4th at The Rutledge!!! This interview originally aired March 29th.